Pieter van den Hombergh, Gregor Schwake v3.1, 2017-08-29

This website provides the up to date information on course material, exercises and announcements about Modeling, Design Patterns.

The module description can be found here.


Tooling: Netbeans-IDE as IDE, visual paradigm as UML Tool.

Study the theory/ tutorials before you come to class. This will make the lessons most effective, because the questions that you might have from studying could be answered immediately.
Studying is not just reading Doing the exercises is the best way of verifying that you understand the subject. Use the books advice: use a pencil and a sharpener. If you do not like to write in books (as I do), make you exercises on another paper.
If you DO work on paper, you can scan in your work (which is free of charge) and hand that in through the repository. Make sure I can read your scribbling.

Revised Plan.

The original plan assumed that the exercises on state machines were a good follow up on the SEN1 and JAVA2 module. However, due to circumstances, the practical content of SEN1 and JAVA2 was different, so we must revise the plan.

The revised plan is that the course focuses on the material in Head First Patterns and the exercises therein. Your solution to the Head First Exercises and your knowledge on the subject will be the topic in the oral assessments. The module will also have a written exam, in which the majority, if not all questions will be of the multiple choice type.

The revised plan also implies that the additional exercises on previous versions of this page will be dropped. You may use them as a personal exercise, but their solutions will not be assessed.

Week 1-3

Study chapter 1 through 4 of HFDP and make the exercises.

Week 4

Study chapters 5,6,7 of HFDP and make the execises.

Week 5

First assessment, topics : Chapters 1 through 7 of HFDP.

Slides and handout of calculator using Command Pattern.

The first assessment will take place on Tuesday 2017-09-26 and Wednesday 2017-09-27 according to this assessment plan

Study chapters 8,9 of HFDP and make the execises.

Week 6

Study chapters 10,11 of HFDP and make the execises.

Week 7

Study chapter 12 of HFDP and make the execises.

Week 8

Second assessment, topics: Chapters 8 through 12 of HFDP.

The second assessment will be planned in course week 8, calendar week 43 on Monday 2017-10-23 . The assessment plan 2]

The exact plan will be announced.